Parking Infringement Explanation

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What Options Do You Have?

- Pay the fee within 28 days of issue

- Complete this explanation form which, once submitted to Council, will be considered by a review panel and the decision advised.

- If neither of the above options are taken then the matter will go to Court for further enforcement. This action incurs a lodgement fee. As there has been no action undertaken by you up to this point you will have no further input into this process.

If the decision of the review panel is that the matter proceeds, you then have the following options:

- The fee can be paid

- Write into Council seeking a defended hearing. Council will then proceed to have the matter placed before an open court. Costs will apply.

- You could do nothing further, this would cause the matter to be lodged with the Court by Council, this will impose a penalty including court costs.

Infringement Notice Details

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