Reserve and Purchase a Cemetery Plot (Ash Interment or Burial)

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Use this form to reserve and pre-purchase a plot for a future casket burial or ash interment.

To complete this form you will need:

1. The cemetery, area, row and plot number details of the plot you wish to reserve.

Things to consider:

1. Up to four burial plots or up to two cremation plots may be pre-purchased. For purchase of more than the number stated above, consent must be obtained from Taupo District Council.

2. Fees and charges are amended periodically. Information on current fees and charges can be obtained from our website.

3. You will be invoiced the applicable fees once reservation has been confirmed.

4. For information about Turangi RSA Cemetery and Cremation berm, please contact Turangi RSA.

5. For information about Mangakino RSA Cemetery and Cremation berm, please contact Margaret Thompson on (07) 882 8406.

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