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(e.g. sheep, cattle)


(1) The movement of live stock on public roads should be carried out during the hours of daylight wherever possible.

(2) No person shall drive stock on the public road during the hours of darkness unless an effective warning system is provided to give other road users sufficient advance warning of the presence of the stock on the road. A full description of the warning system must be provided by the applicant before a permit for stock movements during the hours of darkness will be considered. Stock movement during weather conditions such as dense fog that severely impede visibility should also be avoided.

(3) Stock shall be under the control of a sufficient number of competent drovers so that the stock can be moved in a manner that will ensure the safety of other road users and will prevent damage to roadside fences, waterways or other public property.

(4) Stock shall be moved along one side of the road verge, clear of the traffic lanes wherever possible. Stock shall be kept moving so as to travel at least 1.6km per hour on the road.

(5) Traffic Control shall be sufficient to ensure safe passage by vehicles with minimal delays. Traffic Control shall include clearly visible and legible signage and flashing lights located a minimum 150 metres from both ends of the movement, to provide adequate advance warning to motorists. Drovers shall wear high visibility clothing.

(6) State Highways within the Taupo district are controlled by the New Zealand Transport Authority. Their agent in Taupo is Opus Consultants. The permit holder shall notify Opus Consultants, on 07 3780746, if the stock movement route includes a State Highway. Opus may then add other conditions relating to State Highways that shall then apply to this permit.

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