Trading in a Public Place (Mobile Trading)

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Trading in a Public Place

Approval for Trading in a Public Place is intended for operations that are genuinely mobile and who intend to regularly move their location during the day. For food vendors this approval can be highly restrictive, so it is important they consider whether it an appropriate option for the business.
Approval is available to any business, but potential vendors should be aware of the following restrictions:

-Trading is not permitted in excess of 30 minutes at a time and vendors may not return to the same location more than once per day

-No trading is permitted in any reserve

-No trading is permitted on or next to any road with a speed limit above 50km/h

-No trading is permitted on Lake Terrace or in the Taupō Town Centre

-Signage is limited to one sandwich board that is only permitted to be next to the mobile shop

-No trading is permitted where the safety of road users might be compromised.

Approval is not required in the following situations:

-Where vendors have been granted permission to attend an approved event or market

-Where the vendors already has a Licence to Occupy

-Where the trading occurs on land that is not publicly owned.

-Where the activity is for fundraising (some restrictions still apply)
Additional considerations Food vendors will need to be able to provide proof of a valid food registration on request by a council officer. Businesses should contact their local Registration Authority (usually Council) to request more information if they are uncertain of requirements.

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