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Please be advised the application fee must be received before this application can be processed. Once we receive your application, the fee will be added to your dog owner account. This can then be paid via Dogs Online or through internet banking (please reference your owner number when making payment).

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Compulsory Criteria

1. No impoundings, infringements, justified complaints or late registration payments/ penalties within the last two years.

2. Special Dog application fee must be paid upon lodgement.

3. Existing dog numbers comply with Taupō District Council bylaws. (A permit is required if there are more than two dogs on any land or premises within the urban environment.)

4. No dangerous dog classifications have been issued to your dog(s).

5. All dog(s) owned or kept by you must have a current registration at all times and comply with microchipping requirements.

Any breaches of these criteria will result in immediate cancellation of your special dog classification.

Terms and Conditions

By applying for special dog classification you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

- Taupo District Council must be notified of any change in ownership, address or location of your dog(s). Depending on criteria you've previously met for the special dog classification, you may require an additional property visit which will result in another fee being required.

- Special Dog classification is given to those dog(s) applied for and assessed under these criteria. Any new dog(s) obtained may not automatically qualify for this discounted rate.

- The council reserves the right to decline or cancel any Special Dog application/classification and will confirm the reasons for the refusal/cancellation in writing.

- A Special Dog application may be lodged at any time. If you are registering a dog for the first time, you will need to pay the full urban registration rate along with the Special Dog application fee. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

- A dog(s) owned or kept by you must be kept under proper control at all times.

- Registration fees for each year are always due on 1 July. Payment for registration made after 1 July will result in the cancellation of the Special Dog classification.

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